• Beginners start with the boom !!

     Learning is easy with the boom, is fun , and unforgettable experience .

  • Great life experience for Nicky

    Any age from 6 to 90 . Stefanos is been teaching waterski for the last 25 yeas 

  • We can take you up to competition level

    Stefanos is been teaching waterski for 25 years . Learn mono skiing  easily 

  • Mary didn't want to learn at the beginning !!

    If you sit on the beach and say is difficult .....You are wrong  !!! give it a try with Stefanos 

  • Kids learning really quick !!!

    Stefanos know precisely how kids must start to love the sport !!

Waterski lessons in Skiathos

We love Water Ski it is our sport, our passion and we want to pass that feeling to all our customers.

Stefanos teach waterski since 1987. All started at Koukounaries beach when at the age of 14 he saw someone waterskiing. He was amazed and thought that was the most fantastic thing I ever have seen in his life

Stefanos is qualified by the British and Greek waterski federation 

He spent six years in England skiing in different ski schools. Thorpe ski, Prince’s club, TV ski, and other ski schools all over England.

A lifetime experience, started at the age of 14 working on a ski school in Skiathos. Self-taught to the age of 18, after that, go to Britan to improve he’s waterski skills and take the world-wise recognised licence from British Waterski Federation 

We love teaching waterski, and this passion for the sport goes to the people who like to learn. 

We promise it will be a pleasant and unforgettable experience 

We will make sure you get the 100% of best tuition, and by the end of your first lesson, you will say I want to do it again.

The hot sun, the crystal clear waters of Skiathos make this an unforgettable experience.

Waterski and how we do it

We start with a dry land lesson first on our floating jetty, or in the boat; we make sure you understand everything, we don’t just talk, we make sure you know everything in perfect English.

After help, you put on the skis sitting on the platform on the back of the boat. We help you to get close to the training boom.

After you get up on the boom, Stefanos will take you back on the rope, and that’s it you learn to waterski for life, every time you try after that first go waterski seems so much easier, and you improve very quickly.

Kids learn very quickly to Waterski or Wakeboard

Kids learn to waterski in Skiathos

Stefanos has tremendous patience especially with children who trust him and learn very quickly

Waterski Lessons

Waterski lesson on Skiathos. First lesson with a boom

The great experience combined with the equipment and the learning bar will make experiential learning a unique event in your vacation that you will always remember. The whole family can be in the boat that most people all want to learn in the end

What is the price to Waterski @stefanosskischool

Each session costs 40 euros, but the money you will spend will be worth spending as you going to learn or improve your water ski skills
You might find it cheaper else were but don’t forget we love waterski, and we will do our best for you, not just like but to fall in love with the sport.
We have so many families come every year in Skiathos just because of their kids are so happy enjoining the watersports and improving their skiils.
Let us pass the telling to you

Denis & Nikita started totally beginners with us , and they become brilliant skiers

Denis & Nikita stared totally beginners with us , and they become brilliant skiers

Special offers and Packages

We offer special offers and packages. Please find below what we offer:

Skiathos Waterski Lesons @stefanosskischool