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Speed Boat for Rent , Compass 5.00m with a 115 Mercury engine

New Luxury Boat "Compass 165 cc"  with a 115 Mercury for rent 

We are very happy to announce our new speedboat for rent for the first time this summer.
The Compass 165 cc is a magnificent boat that we loved the first sight. It is a family boat specially designed to satisfy all the needs of people who love quality and comfort.
Please find all the details and conditions of hire for the new Compass

People on Board: Max 6 persons
Boat Driving License: YES
Engine: 4 Stroke Mercury 115 hp
Canopy: Yes new black Canopy
Ladder: YES
Extras: Two anchors 6 Life Jackets, Smoke and Light flairs, First aid kit, Electric trim
Pillows: Yes

220 €  if you rent it for one day
200 € if you book the boat for 2-3 days 

  •  price for up to 5 people
  • Petrol is not included in the price
  • Rental time : 10:00 - 18:00

RESTRICTIONS and things you should know 

  • You cannot go to Skopelos Alonissos or mainland . The boat stays 1.5 miles from Skiathos coastline.
  • Start at 10:00 and you must return the boat at 6:00 pm
  • You must have a valid boat driving licence with you and show it to the port police if they stopped you
  • If you break, loose, or scratch the boat, our mechanic will evaluate the damage, and you will have to pay
  • The propeller of the 115 hp engine cost 300 euros You pay if is broken scratched or bend in any way.
  • We give you afull tank of 90 litres , you pay what you use 

For more details  please contact us




    Braking any of the following rules Port police has the right to give you a ticket
    Port Police has the authority to stop you any time for inspection.
    They will check the safety equipment and the papers of the boat. You must have an id with you on board.
    1. Always drive slowly, Never go with full speed, Never do sharp, dangerous turns
    2. Never anchor inside the yellow buoys indicating the swimmer’s area
    3. Never anchor where people are swimming. Keep the boat away from swimmers
    On busy beaches with watersports, you are only allowed to go out where the watersports have the yellow buoys
    4. You are only allowed to go 1.5 miles from Skiathos coastline
    5. It is forbidden to go to Skopelos Alonissos or Mainland.
    6. The use of alcohol is strictly forbidden to the driver.

    In any violation, the port authority has the right to keep your passport until you have paid the fine given to you

    STEFANOS SKI SCHOOL & BOAT HIRE – Important rules you must follow

    You agree that you will brink the boat in the same conditions was delivered to you in the morning
    2. If you break the propeller, cause any damage, or lose the anchor, lifejacket, oar or any other part of the boat you will have to pay for it so we can replace it for the next day rental.
    3. You must be 18 years or over to make a booking with us.

    4. Although boats are insured, you (The Driver) are primarily responsible for any damage or loss to the boat and its equipment; in case of damage/loss you will have to pay the amount of excess in full or part of; this amount will vary depending on the type of damage/or loss. You (The Driver) will be held responsible for the actions of the other members of your party as well.
    5. Fuel costs are not included in boat rental rates.

    6.t is mandatory to respect the maximum number of passenger permitted on board to comply with laws and regulations: the number of persons indicated for each boat must not be exceeded.

    7. Stefanos Ski School & Boat Hire may at its absolute discretion refuse to hand over a boat Or terminate the boat rental period in advance where, in the opinion of Stefanos the driver is likely to cause damage, distress or fails to comply with company rules. In such event, Stefanos will be under no obligation to refund any money.
    8. If you are late 30 minutes after the agreed time without any warning, we have the right to rent the boat to someone else, and you lose your deposit
    9. If you decide to cancel your boat for any reason other than weather conditions you lose your deposit.
    FULL NAME AND SIGNATURE ……………………………………………………………………………………..



Speed boat for rent in Skiathso

Speed boat for rent in Skiathos

Renting a boat with skipper

Stopped in Tsougria island in Skiathos after a tour around the island

People love our new boat, and already they are having a great time exploring Skiathos beaches. We are pleased to have this beautiful speedboat in our fleet for people who are experienced, and they want a beautiful boat to hire for a day or two. See some of the pictures below 




Price for MARIA boat can be different in different periods in the summer, also on how many people will be in the boat.
So Please contact us for the price and we will get back straight away 

Book your boat online 

Booking in advanced save you money! 
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