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Sailing with “Splash” type boat on Vassilias beach

We are happy to announce that we have on our beach ready for you to rent a beautiful

Last summer we added another activity to water sports, sailing with lasers.
If you know sailing you can rent it for an hour or more.
If you are a beginner we can show you some basic things to get you started.

The new Splash was created with young sailors in mind, ranging in age from 13 to 19. The Splash is not just quick, but also simple to control. For almost 25 years, this has been a winning strategy! This modern racing and pleasure sailboat is tailored to the body of a teenage sailor. The Splash doesn’t simply sail well because it can plan in a Force-3 breeze; it also has excellent trimming options. The SPLASH RED, which will replace the Flash class with its new huge fathead laminated sail, is the most eye-catching.

The Splash Dinghy is 3.5 meters long and all boats are similar, thus fleet racing emphasizes the sailor’s ability rather than equipment, as is customary in One-Design classes. The boats use an un-stayed mono rig with a sail area of 6.3 m2, making the class manageable for sailors weighing 45 to 80 kg. This, paired with the class’s modest hull weight of 55 kg, allows it to serve as a stepping stone between the Optimist Dinghy and boats like the Laser Radial, catering to sailors aged 13 to 21.

Club, national, and international competitions are held. The National Splash Associations in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Sweden, and many other European nations host a variety of events during the season, including the travellers’ ranking series, training camps, coaching, national champs, and global selection trials.

"Splash"Sailing boats for rent 1 Skiathos Boat Hire, Waterski & Water Sports Center
"Splash"Sailing boats for rent 2 Skiathos Boat Hire, Waterski & Water Sports Center

Here are some basic sailing recommendations to ensure a comfortable, pleasurable, and joyful sailing experience.

What kind of weather do we require?

We will pick a wonderful sailing day with no heavy winds; favorable conditions are necessary for you to be able to handle the boat and sail. In general, you desire a calm sea with lighter winds rather than greater winds. In your lesson, the sun, gorgeous clear waters, and a soft breeze will be your closest friends.

Watch out for the boom.Keep an eye out for the boom.

When you tackle, the boat swings around, and you don’t want it to hit you. It has the potential to hit you and perhaps knock you overboard, but if you pay attention, you can easily avoid it.

The video shows Stavros and Alexandra in their second Sailing attempt. Captain Stavros 😃wanted to show his sister how beautiful it is and he is not doing badly at all.


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