Sailing boats for rent ( Laser type)

skiathos sailing, Laser boat for rnet

Sailing with laser type boat on Vassilias beach

We are happy to announce that we have on our beach ready for you to rent a beautiful

Last summer we added another activity to water sports, sailing with lasers.
If you know sailing you can rent it for an hour or more.
If you are a beginner we can show you some basic things to get you started.

Below are some sailing tips for beginners to make sure you have a comfortable, enjoyable, and enjoyable sailing.

  • What weather conditions we need

We will choose the perfect Sailing Day with not to the strong wind; good conditions are essential so that you can handle the bat and sail Generally, you want relatively calm sea and lighter rather than stronger winds. Sunshine, beautiful clear waters and a gentle breeze will be your best friends on your lesson

  • Be careful of the boom

Be careful of the boom .Whenever you tackle  it swings around the boat and you just don’t want it to hit you. It can hit you and even knock you overboard, but as long as you pay attention, it’s easy to avoid

The video shows Stavros and Alexandra in their second Sailing attempt. Captain Stavros 😃wanted to show his sister how beautiful it is and he is not doing badly at all.


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