Ring Rides , amazing fun for all the family

Amazing Ring Rides in Skiathos

Ring Rides are the most amazing and fun watersports

Ring rides in Skiathos

Skiathos Watersports -Rin Rides in Skiathos

They have different names like Tubes, Donuts, Rings. No matter what name it the fun will be the same! We try to make it just perfect for you.

The ride lasts for ten minutes, and we drive depending on the riders slowly or fast or really fast( always in the safety limits. ) with turns that can make you fly.

Ring rides are the absolute fun on the water. All the family can go out together. Each person sits on his Tube, and we pull up to 4-5 tubes together.

You get 10 minutes of great fun sliding on the water, Bouncing left and right, jumping on the waves.

Stefanos always asks what kind of ride you like, and he will make sure you will have the ride of your life.

You don’t have to book and is a must on your holidays.
Falling is also great fun, and some customers really want to fall in the water.
Stefanos bring the ring close to the boat, and he helps you to get back on.

Recommended by us 👍

Tubes , Rings , Donuts ,many names but always the same endless fun

Ring & Tubes Rides in Skiathos

How many people can go at the same time

Everyone gets its ring, and we can pool up to 4-5 persons . 4 persons is the ultimate fun as the boat driver can give you all the fun with special maneuvres

What is the age limit

Children should be accompanied by their parents and given their approval to have fun in the ring
Once we get the parent’s aproval then the children will have to be physically fit and big  enough to fit and sit comfortably in the ring.
We have a special pillows to make tha ride comfortable for smaller ages and give them an incredible experience 😀

What time is good to go

Any time you like !
Our opening hours are from 10:00 am to 19:00 pm

Can the parents be in the boat ?

Its a must !!
We want you to be in the boat, and believe   is really great fun to watch

Do you have Photographer to take photos

Yes we always have someone to capture and capture your beautiful moments with high quality photos
We will deliver them to you later in a compressed file

Great fun in Skiathos with the Tubes

Skiathos Watersports -Tubes Rides in Skiathos

For the brave ones we can go extreme !!!!

Skiathos Watersports -Tubes Rides in Skiathos