Our Boat Hire Location

Find the exact position you can rent your Boat or enjoy any water sport activity.

The Locatios of our Watersports & Boat Rental Center is  only 2 km from Skiathos Town on Vassilias Beach # 7 & 8 Bus stop.

Our Watersports and Boat Hire Centre is below Kassandra Bay, Vassilias beach Apartments and Golden King Villas.

Our Watersports and Boat hire centre is on the beach very easy to locate our watersports and Boat hire centre because you will see the platform and the boats.

Vasilias beach is close to Skiathos town, with luxury hotels but also with basic accommodation , Studios, hotels and villas so you and your family can choose the accommodation you like and be close to the beach to enjoy watersports and boat rentals

You can contact us call us on +30.6944 194251 if you need more information on how to come.


Stefanos Ski School &nBoat Hire Center

Vassilias beach skiathos watersports