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It was a wonderful day, beautifully calm and hot. This May the weather had its ups and downs, but eventually, the sun shines and it gets really hot.

About the Boat Rental

We follow the same procedure, the briefing in the morning explaining everything to the smallest detail and then all the information you need to know on your boat, how to anchor, how to operate and navigate.

Everybody does mistakes, don’t expect to be perfect stressing your self.

We recommend you to find a nice peaceful beach and practice. Don’t go to a busy beach first because your first eye contact with the people on the beach it will stress you up 😀

In the afternoons wash them to inspect them have the ready for the next future captain the next day.

Boat Hire in Skiatho

On the way to Lalaria

About the Boat trips in Skiathos beaches with

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  1. Avatar of Maria Stephens

    We are staying in Kolios at the beginning of August. Would we be able to get a bus to you first thing in the morning to get a hire boat. First time to Skiathos and would love to get out for the day in one of your small boats . 2 adults and 1 child . And how much would this be please

    Kind Regards Maria .


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