About Us

About us

On Vassilias Beach since 1995

We are based since 1995 on Vassilias beach, a little family beach below Kassandra bay hotel # 8 bus stop

Our passion and love for what we do keep us alive and going all these years.
We are thrilled to see our customers return every year!!
Through the years we expand to Boat Hire, and we tried to make it the best experience for you teaching beginners how to drive and operate a boat
Other things I do?
Web Design, that’s is my winter Job!
She came down to the beach to waterski, and she stayed 😀
We have two beautiful kids and life here in Skiathos is fantastic.
Skiathos is a blessed island, and I love this place very much
So we invite you To vassilias beach a small quiet beach, we will be there from May to September
See you at the beach !!

Skiathos Boat Hire

We love Skiathos, and we want to transfer that fantastic feeling to you believe the best way to see and fall in love with Skiathos is when you see

Skiathos is a magical island with 64 sandy beaches. The best way to explore and see everything is by the sea
We can help you find the boat or the boat trip that fits your needs making sure t will be an unforgettable experience.

About Us 1 Skiathos Boat Hire, Waterski & Water Sports Center
Jasmin Parissi member of staff at Skiathos Boat Hire
Stefanos Ski Center & Boat Hire , older photo in Koukounaries beach
Ready to waterski in Skiathos

A drop of history

We are a family run business living all year round in Skiathos.
Skiathos is a magical place to live, and that is something we believe thousand of visitors every year wish.
Stefanos born in Athens and at the age of six his family moved in Skiathos
All started when he seeing someone to water ski in Koukounaries beach and after that Waterski became the biggest passion in his life.
Stefanos is a qualified instructor by the British and Greek waterski federation.
He lived in the UK for six years, skiing in different places meeting so many amazing skiers mastering from them small details on how to improve your waterski skills.