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Welcome to Stefanos Ski & Water Sports Center in Skiathos.

We offer all kinds of water sports and boat rental services on Vassilias beach, below Kassandra Bay Hotel

Learn about waterskiing, wakeboarding, and other water sports at Skiathos.
You may see our new page devoted to Skiathos boat hiring and Skiathos boat trips here. SKIATHOSBOATHIRE.COM
Stefanos has committed his life to waterskiing, and we have been teaching people to waterskiing on Vassilias beach since 1995.
In Skiathos, we offer a wide range of sports and high-quality boats for hire, both with and without a boating license.
All of our new and returning customers can expect top-notch service from our watersports and boat rental facility.

Quilified by the British Waterski Federation
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Stefanos Ski & Watersports Center

Stefanos is a qualified waterski instructor by the British and Greek Waterski federation teaching waterski since 1988.
Lived in England for six years and there he improved his waterski skills and got his waterski instructor licence.
All these years he is sharing his passion and love to waterski to all his customers.
Stefanos Ski Center is running since 1995 on Vassilias beach.
Previously he worked as a waterski instructor in Koukounaries Beach.
At Stefanos waterski & Watersports centre you can Waterski and Wakeboard. Still, you can also have fun with all kind of water sports we offer: Kneeboard, Sailing, Tubes, Extreme rides, Sofa rides, Pedalos, Canoes. SUP ( Stand Up PAddles ) and more.

skiathos waterskiing in Skathos,Vassilias Beach
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Skiathos Boat Hire

We rent boats in Skiathos since the first year we opened. We strongly believe that you must see Skiathos by the sea, if not you haven’t seen Skiathos most beautiful beaches, caves and deserted beaches.

We felt the need to create and dedicate a new sister web site Skiathos Boat Hire Services (Check our new Boat Hire web site here ).

We want you to have the best experience exploring all of our boats, including tips and tutorials, videos and much more.

Our boats are new, safe and reliable with new engines. We invest only to Top Quality boats because we want you to have the best and safe experience exploring Skiathos beautiful beaches.

skiathos boats rentals ,ready to explore the beautiful beaches

Private Skiathos Boat trips with a Rib

Boat Tris, with a RIB in SKiathos

Skiathos Boat trips with Stefanos

Skiathos boat rental is a must while you are in Skiathos, but if you don’t want to rent a boat by your selves, then we have the best alternative solution for you and your family, a boat trip with a speed boat !!
We have a six-meter RIB boat, and we offer daily boat trips around Skiathos.
Our Skiathos Boat Trips with a Rib Boat are carefully organized so we can see all beautiful spots, beaches, caves, and more.

Learn more 👉🏻 Boat Trips in Skiathos with a driver

skiathos boat parking

Skiathos Boat Parking Services

We offer Boat Parking Services in the summer of 2019. If you want someone to trust your boat for Boat Parking with a variety of amenities, call us, and we’ll find the ideal option for short- or long-term boat parking.

For more information, please visit our sister site on 👉🏻SKIATHOS BOAT PARKING ( visit our website )

We thank all our wonderful customers for their amazing reviews !!!

We are certified Watersports & Boat hire company by TUV Austria Hellas 


TUV watersports certified quality skiathos

TUV watersports certified quality skiathos watersports



We would like to thank all the customers and friends who support us and support us yet  all these years. 90% of our customers return year after year, and this makes us very happy. Top five reasons they come back to us ? 

  1. Honesty and Integrity

    We are always honest and clear to all our customers . Anyone visiting our waterski school realizes tha we are not there to fool anyone .
    Always the truth , always the best service with the best equipment .
    We like to do the right thing at all times and in all circumstances, whether or not anyone is watching .
    Building a reputation of integrity takes years, but it takes only a second to lose, so  we never allow ourselves  to  do anything that would damage  our  integrity.

  2. Love and Passion on what we do

    We love waterski , always have been !
    Startled young at the age of 14 , waterskiing become my life my passion and my job .
    Thanks to all wonderful people who support me all this years we stayed open and still going every year on Vasilias beach.

  3. Friendly atmosphere

    Our beach is not one of the really bussy beaches so  we have the time to spent time with our customer No rush , we will have a ski , and then we will have the time to have a coffee and discuss 

  4. Value of Money

    Our prices are the same for many years . Even now that the petrol gone up almost double the price it was years ago   !

    You will get the 100 %  value for the money you pay ! specially on waterski and wake board we spent lots of  time with you  till you improve and be completely satisfied

    All the inflatable water fun rides are full 10 -12 minutes , making sure you are satisfied for the money you paid 

  5. A Wide range of activities

    A wide range of activities including  Waterski ,Wakeboard , kneeboard , Motor boat hire , Sea trips , Ring rides  , Sofa rides , Extreme rides , SUP , Parasailing , Canoes , Pedalos . 

    Also  we can arrange for you Scuba Diving , Sailing, Sea Taxi ,Luxury boat trips 

  6. We are Certified Quality Watersports Center by TUV Austria Hellas